51K - 52K Lagerskydd

51K - 52K Lagerskydd

New Program Release – EME Large Diameter Rotary Seal Program


Chesterton’s EME Marketing Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the new Large Diameter Rotary Seal Program. The Chesterton LDRS Program is the extension of Chesterton's existing EPS rotary seal product line with proven, high performance products to replace existing, under-performing solutions.

The product technology designed to withstand high surface speed, high operational temperature, abrasive environment and chemical compatibility with wide range of fluids.

It is a differentiated and premium product for rotary equipment in heavy industries with:

  • high performance elastomers filled with PTFE for autolubrication
  • special designs for large shaft run-out capability

51Ks & 52Ks

The 51K and 52K Mill Rotary Seals are designed to provide long lasting sealing and superior protection for rotary applications, bearing houses and gearboxes across the heavy industries.

Variations: 51K basic profile, 51KW with additional dust lip , 51KHP high pressure version , 51KL with lubrication channel, 52K basic profile , 52KW with additional dust lip , 52KHP high pressure version