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Thermoplastic Polymer Material.
Cost-Effective Sealing for Standard Fluid Power.

Chesterton’s AWC808 is a thermoplastic polyester polyurethane (AU) material designed to provide optimum sealing durability for light- and medium-duty fluid power equipment and industry-standard hydraulic pneumatic cylinders.

This thermoplastic material has a 95 Shore A hardness, providing excellent physical characteristics, and high resistance against mechanical stress and impact. AWC808 has superior abrasion and wear resistance versus conventional elastomer and thermoplastic polymer materials which ensures lower wear of sealing elements. This characteristic makes it universally applicable for most industry standard fluid power applications.

The AWC808 is a machinable material that can be manufactured in any profile to exact equipment dimensions with no tooling costs and same-day availability. Its long-term elastic memory increases sealing pre-load which helps to ensure maximum performance even under low system pressure.

Material Features
• Thermoplastic polyester urethane provides superior wear and abrasion resistance to increase seal performance
• Long-term elastic memory maintains pre-load under low pressure and withstands compression settings
• Hydrolysis resistant for use in water and conventional hydraulic fluids
• Excellent chemical compatibility
• Made-to-order; available in wiper, rod, piston, and static sealing profiles; eliminates tooling costs
• Sizes available up to 400 mm (15.75") in diameter

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