Chesterton 752 Cold Galvanizing Compound

Chesterton 752 Cold Galvanizing Compound

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Chesterton® 752 Cold Galvanizing Compound functions both as a zinc rich primer or final coating for ferrous metals and their welds exposed to atmospheric or corrosive conditions. The product deposits a 95% pure zinc coating that bonds to metal protecting it against corrosion both physically and by galvanic action. The ultra-fine particles of pure zinc that make up the product provide three mechanisms of corrosion protection:

1. Barrier Protection: Because the product has such a high solids content of ultra-fine zinc particles it forms an extremely tight non-porous barrier against corrosion.

2. Galvanic Protection: When two dissimilar metals are connected in an electrolyte, the metal with the lower potential becomes the anode and will preferentially corrode. This is the principle behind a zinc based coating. Zinc is a more anodic metal than steel and will preferentially corrode, thereby providing a sacrificial layer and leaving the steel below it protected against oxide formation.

3. Zinc Oxide Protection Scrapes: in the coating are self-healing as the exposed zinc forms more zinc oxide preventing rust from creeping under areas still coated.

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