Chesterton 989 Release Compound

Chesterton 989 Release Compound

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Chesterton® 989 Release Compound is a highly effective, release agent containing no CFC’s or organic solvents. Environmental responsibility and concern for worker safety need not
mean a compromise on performance. Chesterton 989 Release Compound will give maximum release without sticking, spotting or marking. Chesterton 989 is formulated for use in all mold
applications operating at temperatures above 140°F (60°C). *

Chesterton 989 Release Compound will aid in the production of clean pieces with high gloss surfaces. It will give immediate release with no deformation. 989 will prevent sticking on straight sides or tearing of thin sections. Orange peel and blisters will be virtually eliminated. Multiple releases are possible with one application of Chesterton’s 989 from molds of aluminum, steel etc., cast, compression or injection. Production rates and return on investment are maximized as fewer applications are necessary.

* At temperatures below 140°F, product can be used, but evaporation rate of carrier will slow.

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