Chesterton PLS

Chesterton PLS

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Polymer Labyrinth Seal
Unitized, Non-Contacting Seal for Bearing Protection

The CHESTERTON patent-pending Polymer Labyrinth Seal (PLS) is a non-contact bearing seal designed to provide protection for pumps, gearboxes, and other rotating equipment in splash applications. The unique design eliminates fretting caused by conventional lip seals and helps to increase bearing and gearbox life by extending the mean time between equipment repairs.

This unitized labyrinth seal uses CHESTERTON’S exclusive polymer to create a non-contacting 3-piece seal design that includes a rotor, a stator, and a built-in valve with no wearing parts. While in operation, centrifugal force and gravity ensure lubricant is contained within the labyrinth and flows back into the bearing housing while outside contaminants are excluded and redirected back to atmosphere.

The unique design also incorporates a built-in valve that is activated by shaft rotation which engages during shutdown periods to create a positive seal during idle time, blocking ingress of external contaminants from entering the housing.

CHESTERTON’S material technology is manufactured from an advanced, durable, maintenance-friendly thermoset polymer compatible with common bearing and gear oils that offers a cost-effective alternative solution to other material options. Each seal is custom manufactured to the exact equipment size needed to maximize performance.

High-performance, non-contact design, eliminates fretting caused by lip seals

    • Keeps lubrication in and seals out external contamination
    • Unitized design and durable non-sparking material provide easy, reliable installation
    • Available in a variety of configurations to meet plant-wide equipment needs
    • Same day shipment availability, minimizing downtime and associated costs Standard sizes available for popular equipment, custom sizes available upon request
    • IP56 (third party certification) designed to be resistant to dust and water

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